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Description :

Mohammad Ali Shadman, born on November 24, 1996, is a distinguished Iranian actor whose talent has left an indelible mark on the Iranian film and television industry. Renowned for his compelling performances, Shadman has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally.

One of his notable achievements includes his role in "M for Mother" (2006), a film selected as the Iranian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 80th Academy Awards. Although the film did not receive a nomination, Shadman's portrayal showcased his acting prowess and marked him as a rising star. His versatility is further evidenced by his roles in other notable productions such as "Divar Be Divar" (2017–2018), "Drown" (2020), "I Want to Live" (2021), and "Rebel" (2022).[3][4]

Shadman's excellence in acting was recognized with a Crystal Simorgh nomination for Best Actor for his compelling performance in "Drowning in Holy Water." This acknowledgment underscores his ability to delve into complex characters and deliver standout performances that resonate with audiences and critics alike.[5]

Born in Ilam on November 24, 1996, Mohammad Ali Shadman is the first child in his family, with a sister named Arina. His early life laid the foundation for a career marked by dedication, skill, and a commitment to the art of storytelling.

As a prominent figure in the Iranian entertainment landscape, Mohammad Ali Shadman continues to captivate audiences with his talent, contributing to the rich tapestry of Iranian cinema and further solidifying his position as a respected actor in the industry.

Details :
  • Name : Ali Shadman
  • Birthday : Nov. 24, 1996
  • Born in : Ilam, Iran
  • Tmdb ID : 2121240
  • Also know as : ['Mohammad-Ali Shadman', 'علی شادمان', 'Mohammadali Shadman']
  • Persian Name : علی شادمان