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Ali Miri

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Also known as: ['سيدعلی ميری', 'علي ميری']

Persian Name: علي ميری

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Ali Miri born on March 26, 1936, and passed away on March 2, 2009, was a well-known comedian and actor in the theater, primarily active in the Iranian cinema and theater scene before the Islamic Revolution.


Seyed Ali Miri was a prominent figure in the Iranian pre-revolutionary theater and cinema. He obtained his high school diploma and graduated from acting classes in fine arts. In 1961, after completing his studies at the School of Performing Arts, he joined the theater (Lalehzar) and played roles in more than 50 performances.

Miri commenced his cinema career in 1964 with a supporting role in the film "Shaitan Dar Mezrab," but it was the movie "Zemzemeh-e Mohabbat" that marked his first relatively significant role. He often appeared in films wearing a hat, and throughout his career, he acted in over 70 Iranian films.

Although Ali Miri is widely regarded as one of the most beloved comedic actors in Iranian cinema, he typically played supporting roles in all his films.

One of his most iconic catchphrases, spoken in the Gilaki language, was "Salaam, be khoda!" (Hello, to yourself!). On March 2, 2009, he passed away due to a heart condition at the Aban Hospital in Tehran and was laid to rest in the Artists Section of Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery.

He once expressed, "An artist should serve the people and should not be affiliated with any specific political party or movement."


  • Theater involvement from 1962.
  • Cinema career started in 1965 with "Shaitan Dar Mezrab," directed by Ismael Reyahi, followed by "Shab-e Ghoozi," directed by Farrokh Ghaffari.
  • One of his last theater performances outside of Iran was in the play "Women, What Do They Want?"

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