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عادل فردوسی پور

Adel Ferdosipour | عادل فردوسی پور

Adel Ferdowsipour (born October 3, 1974) is a football reporter, producer, television host, voice actor, translator, and university lecturer from Iran.

Ferdowsipour began his professional career in 1993 as a sports journalist in sports magazines and later ventured into television as a sports reporter. His breakthrough came after reporting on the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and in 1999, he created and produced the popular football analysis program "90" to evaluate Iranian football. Until 2018, when he was removed by the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) management, he hosted and produced "90," consistently ranking as one of the most-watched and best programs on Iranian television. Additionally, he produced other successful programs like "Football 120" and "Football 360."

Among Iranian television personalities, Adel Ferdowsipour enjoys widespread popularity and has received various awards, including "Best Football Reporter," "Best Host," and "Best TV Personality" from different festivals. In addition to his television work, he has translated works and served as an English language lecturer at Sharif University of Technology.

Professional Life: Journalism: Ferdowsipour initiated his media career in 1993 as a sports journalist for Abrar Varzeshi newspaper under the editorship of Ardashir Laroudi. He began working on the translation of foreign football pages while being a third-year English language student. After passing the entrance exam for IRIB reporting, he gradually shifted away from journalism. He collaborated with magazines such as Soroush-e Javan, Hamshahri Javan, and Jom Jom newspaper. Additionally, he wrote several notes for World Soccer magazine.

Television: At the end of 1994, Ferdowsipour, after several unsuccessful auditions, joined IRIB and made his debut in 1995 during the Futsal Ramadan Cup. Initially reporting on tennis, he eventually transitioned to covering short football matches due to a growing interest in young reporters wanting to cover football. He gained trust by providing valuable insights, eventually …

Adel Ferdosipour


  • Original title
    Adel Ferdosipour
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    عادل فردوسی پور
  • Birthday
    Oct. 3, 1974
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    عادل فردوسی پور

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